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30 May - 1st June 2013, Timisoara - Romania

Copyright © 2012 ImageRight & Eng. Mariana Moga, PhD, Head of IT Department, Emergency County Hospital Timisoara

ISHNE 2013 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 15th ISHNE Congress Newsletter

29-31 May 2012

Volume 1, Issue 1

A Dream Comes True…

At a time when people forgot to dream, behold, Timisoara and its people have not lost enthusiasm, despite the constant changes and challenges that we are subject, in which, in modern society, performance and competition no longer let the ideal place.

University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Babes" Timisoara was founded in 1945 by order of King Mihai I.

Modern cardiology was born in Timisoara.

The first angiography, the first pacemaker implant and Echocardiogram were first performed here in Timisoara. The Medical Education at the University of Timisoara, in spite of specific difficulties periods of the past, tried and even managed to provide scientific and medical community people who have done honor to their university.

Enthusiasm comes from the desire to always be up there on top, close to the international scientific community.

Started years ago as a dream, the preparation of the ISHNE Congress are in the final lap. Today, one year before the start, we are most pleased to welcome you to our ISHNE Congress which will take place in Romania for the first time.

On behalf of the International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE) and the Organizing Committee of the 15th Congress of ISHNE, we have very pleased to invite you to participate in ISHNE 2013 that will be held in Timisoara, Romania in May 2013.

Welcome to the 15th ISHNE Congress

Dear Guests, Dear Participants

The newsletter that you have received was creating to be your friend before and during the 15th ISHNE Congress, here in Timisoara, Romania.

For the beginning, this Congress represents a premier from many aspects. It is the first time in the history of ISHNE that the Congress will be held in Romania. The period for the preparation of the Congress was one of the shortest.

Like at many other events, here we can speak about the people behind the Congress. People that maybe you will never meet during your stay in Timisoara, but without them this major event could not be possible. They are the print designers, web designers, IT engineers and technicians, internet providers company, sponsors, catering provider company, transportation and an enthusiastic local organizing committee.

For this issue, I will introduce you the ImageRight company.

ImageRight is a company dedicated for graphics. They have made the flyers and posters of the Congress; they are involved in producing the abstract volume and the badges of the participants.

So finally I wish you a pleasant stay in Timisoara.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Victor Dan Moga

The beginnings of the medical assistance are connected to the Franciscan monks, in the St. Nepomuk religious association.

Amid 1735-1737, on initiative of count Hamilton, the president of the association and the commanding officer of Banat built the town's first hospital and first drugstore. When finished, the hospital was undertaken by the Mizericordian monks (the black popes) who came in help of the sick. The church, united with the hospital, was built in 1748-1753, in the place of the old chapel of the Mizericordian monks' order. In 1849 the building was destroyed and rebuilt in 1851; in 1990 the Romano-Catholic church gave it to the Greco-Catholics.

Timisoara, the city, the people…

The Third International Symposium on Noninvasive Electrocardiology

May 7-8th 2010, Timisoara, Romania

The Fourth International Symposium On Neurocardiology NEUROCARD 2012

September 27-29th 2012, Belgrade, Serbia

3rd International Syncope Exploratory Workshop - INTERSYNEX 2012

June 8th 2012, Tg.Mures, Romania

The management of the syncope patient is often a challenge for the clinician despite major advances in clinical evidence derived from many clinical trials.

The aim of this intensive workshop focused on syncope is to bring together renowned experts involved in the clinical management of this condition and to discuss the major issues of this topic, from the guidelines to the bedside…

We kindly invite you to the heart of Transylvania to discover its mysterious charm and to actively participate in this intensive one-day workshop….


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